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Upcoming Meetings in Desktop App showing everything in my calendar when I don't want it to


We have a basic Zoom account for our office (17 employees) - the sign-in uses my work Outlook account .   We have an office meeting room with a large 50 inch TV on the wall hooked up to a PC which we use for virtual meetings.  We use the Zoom desktop app to login for Zoom meetings.  The problem is that in the upcoming meetings section in the app it displays not just upcoming Zoom meetings but also EVERYTHING else in my calendar that isn't a Zoom meeting (i.e. if I put a reminder in my calendar to pick up some dry cleaning it shows up) so essentially I can't put anything private in my calendar without everyone else being able to see it if they're using the Zoom app in our meeting room.  I have tried setting reminders in my calendar to private but this doesn't work.  I have no option of using a different email address for the Zoom login - my bosses want there to be one Zoom account used by the whole office to stop confusion and save time signing in and out of different account.  Is there a setting somewhere that I'm missing?  I googled and searched and cannot find anything to help.