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Unable to host 40+ mins meeting


My zoom until few days ago could host a meeting for more than 1 hr+ uninterrupted. However, since i gave the my sign in details to a more than 7 friends to host some meeting on their devices on my behalf, no meetings is lasting more than 40 mins. This is a licensed account and i am not sure why i am only limited to, of late, to use freemium features. Why is this happening?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Zoom is licensed per user, and you should not be sharing your Zoom account. I recommend you sign into Zoom's web portal and change your password. To change your password, click Profile, look under Sign in, and click Edit for Sign-in Password. Screenshot attached.  After changing your password, see if you can host a meeting for over 40 minutes. If you have any issues, this would be a support issue, but please do not give your account credential to others to use. It is one user per license. Thank you.