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(URGENT) How long can I have the meeting as a free zoom member? (pro member will open the meeting)


I'll have a meeting with a company.
I'm a free zoom member and the company is pro zoom member.

Once they open the meeting, they will give me an authority to be a host during the meeting.

Can the meeting be exceeded 40 minutes?

Or will the meeting be only for 40 minutes because I'm the free zoom member?


1. Zoom pro member will open a meeting.

2. They will hand over the host autority to me who is a free member of zoom.


Q) How long can I have the meeting as a host?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @mkkang 

Meetings held by Pro users can continue without restrictions even after the host privileges are transferred to a free user during the meeting.
The maximum duration is 30 hours.

Please note that if there is only one participant, the meeting will end 40 minutes from that point on.