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Turning Off Apps for In-Meeting Use




The meeting I am trying to manage is run 24-hours. Currently we only use the timer app and would like to turn off apps for in-meeting experience. Ideally we would like just the host/cohosts to be able to use a timer and all other apps are turned off. If this is not an option we would like to turn off ALL apps for everyone. Is this possible?


Thank you in advance for your time and response.



To manage a 24-hour meeting and control app usage, you can follow these steps depending on your virtual meeting platform: If you want only the host and co-hosts to use a timer app, log in as the host, start the meeting, and set permissions to enable the timer app for them while disabling it for others. Or, if you prefer to turn off all apps for everyone, access meeting settings, and disable third-party apps, preventing everyone from using apps during the meeting. Specific steps might vary, so check your platform's instructions or support for guidance.

The issue is that I cannot figure out what settings need to be adjusted for this to happen. I'd need more specifics, and for the group I am a part of, we only use the Zoom platform.


Thank you for a quick reply!!