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Trying to understand "Duration" in Active Host Reports


Hi there, in reviewing our past monthly Active Host Reports we've noticed a few odd entries under Duration which have very high values ranging from 700-1800 minutes for the meetings.  We are just trying to understand the scenarios these could have possibly occurred.  Is it possible the Host user didn't "end the meeting for all" and left it running?  We thought that a Zoom call would automatically disconnect due to inactivity or at the scheduled end time? Or is this a reporting glitch?  Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Thanks, KW



KW5, did you ever find an answer to your question about the duration minutes?


I see the same thing and I am searching for the answer.


Thanks, Mitch

Hi, no definitive answer but when we looked further into the specific calls they were typically a series and were group calls.   In speaking with some of the organizers, we assume it's likely participants who do not disconnect or have joined the calls early.  We've made a note that it's a data quality issue in our reporting. 

Thanks for your quick reply and the info.




I believe I have this same issue and figured it out. I found your post while searching for help.


There are a couple reports that appear to give total duration of all users. The "Active Hosts Report" under the "By Users" tab is one of them. However, if you select the tab "By Meetings" you get the actual meeting duration.


For example, a half hour meeting with two participants will show as 30 minutes in one view, and 60 minutes in another.  😲