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Trim vs Set Playback Range


Now that Zoom has made the scissors icon refer to Trim instead of Set Playback Range, is there a way to use the old legacy playback range selection?  The new Trim feature does not show the times within the video, so I have no idea what I am trimming.  Maybe I just need to learn more about it, but right now, it is not working for me.  I used to be able to crop the beginning and ending few minutes of a meeting as desired, and now I have lost that functionality.  I miss the old playback range selection.  It was perfect as it was!



Update:  I finally did manage to trim a video to about the time range that I wanted, only to find that the trimmed video has ONLY THE CAMERA FEED, and NOT the screens I was sharing.  This makes the video useless to release to students.  Fortunately, I did download an original copy to my computer before trimming.  I guess I will have to play the downloaded recording and re-record it in real time by sharing the screen and computer sound.  But that's going to waste a lot of time that I really can't afford.


ZOOM - Are you listening?  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE -- Give us back the ability to set a playback range.  If you want to offer the Trim feature for those who want to use it, that's fine, but please restore the former functionality as well.  With the playback range, I can immediately "proof-watch" the video and adjust the sliders if I don't have the start and stop times quite right.  And I can see my results immediately.  With the Trim feature, you have to wait a long time to see the results of your trimming.  And if you've trimmed too much from your video, you're going to have to restore the video and start all over.  I'm sure the Zoom developers meant well, but this new feature is NOT an upgrade.

Hi @Dale_Robinson, I'm so sorry to hear that you're experiencing troubles with the trim feature, and I appreciate you explaining how this impacts you. Currently, our product team tracks all feedback and feature requests submitted via our feedback form I highly encourage you to submit your feedback there!

Zoom Community Team
Have you heard of Zoom AI Companion?

Yes, Zoom, please go back to the original version and don't make us wait until you figure it out. We need to edit our videos and post them for our students today. We can't waiting for your team to tweak the system unless it's a quick fix. However, let's go back to the original and then launch your new "upgrade" when it's user-friendly. We are paying to be able to record/edit/post our videos, and now you've tied our hands. 

....."can't wait...."