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Starting again: The event description will be replaced with the Zoom default invitation


The previous topic was marked as 'Solved' although the only proposed solution was to submit a ticket. Which was done a few months ago by one of the users, but the issue still remains for a lot of users who kept replying in that old thread hoping that Zoom was still looking into that.


Here's the old topic which should not have been closed:


Can someone from zoom comment on that please? It keeps happening daily for a lot of zoom users including myself and it is frustrating when you have to resent invites multiple times to make sure the meeting description and agenda are still there.



same problem here


Hi  AlexeyGonch

Assuming you're on Windows, check your Outlook disabled Add-ins.

File -> Options -> Add-ins -> Change "Manage" drop-down menu to "Disabled Items" -> Go…

If you see a VBA Add-in, enable it and restart your Outlook.



Thank you @Adam85 ! I've tried what you've suggested, but there were no disabled items in that menu. And the issue isn't happening 100% of the time. I would say 50/50 - so it looks like a bug rather than some setting being enabled or disabled.


How can we attract attention from someone from Zoom? Looks like they've been consistently ignoring the issue which seems to be affecting multiple users!

@AlexeyGonch just in case, make sure it's also not inactive. I agree if it's only happening sometimes, then it's likely a bug. Not sure how you will get someone from Zoom support though... maybe they'll chime in once they see more people reporting here.


But for anyone that runs into this issue consistently, make sure the add-in "Microsoft VBA for Outlook Addin" is not disabled or inactive. -> TechHit Link - How to enable inactive or disabled add-ins



I have the same issue. There are people in my organization who have this issue as well.  It's really frustrating...


This issue has been occurring for me also.  Very frustrating and would be great to gain understanding of how to prevent it happening!  


Hey all - I resolved this.  At least, in terms of my company.  We deploy the Outlook plugin automatically to all users through the 365 Admin Console.  Some legacy users had the the Outlook Plugin for Zoom ALSO installed in their Windows 10 apps list.  By removing that app (uninstalling) the issue immediately goes away.

Also, I discovered while we were troubleshooting that, if you pre-add text (even just a space bar space) into a meeting BEFORE you add the Zoom information, you can go back and freely amend the invite at your leisure.  This also solves the issue but is a sort of wonky workaround.  Hope that helps!!


I continue to have this problem and it is REALLY frustrating.  When I have a pre-planned meeting and go to update the agenda and then it gets wiped out when I send the update.  Please tell me how to fix this.  


This comes down to outlook's integration with zoom. Zoom provides the API documentation but it's up to third parties to build a robust integration. If including the description is important to you, you may want to consider alternative scheduling methods other than using the outlook plugin. You could send the invite directly to participants from your email client. There are also a host of scheduling apps that lets you schedule Zoom meetings and include the description. Looking through the Zoom marketplace, one option is Salepager which lets you send Zoom invitations and reminders.


I also have been having this issue for many months.  Any answers / fix?