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Spotty voice when using bluetooth earbud (Powerbeats)




I am a MacBook Pro (Early 2015) user and use Powerbeats during Zoom meetings.

The audio quality coming into my earbud has no issues, but my clients are keep complaining that my voice is very spotty, unable to understand when I am talking. 

So far, I had no issues with my Powerbeats mic when I use it on other chatting applications. Even when I use Zoom meeting just to record a video clip, it has no mic problem at all.  When I check the recorded files, I hear my voice seamlessly: spotty mic issue only happens in real-time conversation during live Zoom call.

How should I fix this problem?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@Seanspeed do all users complain about the sound quality, or just specific ones?  Since the feed Zoom is getting is the same as is on the recording, and you are saying the recording sounds good, this may be a problem on their end. 


Have you tried a different mic to see if they hear you better? 

Have you increased the mic sensitivity in audio settings to see if that helps?  You may have to turn off the automatic adjustment of the microphone volume.

You might also reduce the noise cancellation to see if that changes anything.  

Similarly, you can enable original sound to see if that helps.