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Speakerphones, Bluetooth, Supported Hardware issues


I used to use the Jabra 710 speakerphones very successfully, and now they do not work at all anymore. I can't use my Anker Soundcore3 as a speaker, either. These devices are not working on my Windows 10 machine as well as my Mobile (Pixel 7). I also have a (very off-brand) headset for my phone that does not work with zoom. 


It looks like zoom is restricting the devices that can be used in zoom.
It's really frustrating to have good equipment be unsupported.

Am I missing something? 


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

Hi aileeeeeeeen,

Jabra 710 is specifically supported on the usb hid device list.

as to your anker soundcore3, the support article states:

Supported USB audio devices on Windows are not limited to this list. Generally, the Zoom desktop client on Windows supports buttons for devices made by these manufacturers: Jabra, Logitech

Supported USB HID devices for the Zoom desktop client – Zoom Support


thanks,  eliot


Thanks, Eliot. I updated the Jabra firmware, and they now work.


I know that Anker makes a PowerConf that is certified/supported to work on Zoom. The problem with that is it's pretty crap for music. I am not interested in an even more expensive solution for a crappier sound quality. The Soundcore3 is excellent for music, and it ought to be able to be used AS A SPEAKER on zoom meetings with a different microphone. (Or even with the built-in - the built-in is not that lesser a quality than many laptop mics.)

It's beyond frustrating that I can't even use it with my PHONE as an external speaker.