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Sound setting changes- doing hybrid church service with Church audio system as audio input.


Doing hybrid church service with church audio system as audio input to Zoom.  When we return from  hymn (using input from electronic organ and one microphone)  seems like sound level from pulpit mic is reduced dramatically.  Any ideas on what we should do differently? 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @Gustafson15 


Are you mixing and switching these inputs externally in Zoom, and then using a single input into Zoom - or are you switching between inputs actually in Zoom?


Do you have Automatically Adjust Microphone Volume enabled in your Zoom Audio Settings?


And are you using "Original Sound" in Zoom?

Thanks for quick response

We are mixing and switching with a QuPac sound system that then has USB to host computer for Zoom.
Yes we have automatic Adjust Mic volume enabled
No we are not using Original Sound in Zoom option.
We have three computers feeding cameras into a Zoom meeting.  During the service all but the one connected to the church sound system for Zoom input are muted mic and sound.  We have one computer that the sound system operator uses to monitor what the Zoom participants are hearing (headphone) mic muted.   
We are not sophisticated users, but trying hard.  Zoom has been great for our church.  Now that we are back in building we have about 25 in-person and 25 on-line most Sundays.
I appreciate any guidance you can give us. 

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @Gustafson15 


I would DISABLE Automatically Adjust Microphone Volume - and then set a manual level in Zoom. Try somewhere around the 60-70% range first. 


I would then also ENABLE Music and Professional Audio in Sound Settings:

Enable Show in-meeting Original Sound

Enable High Fidelity Music Mode

Disable Echo Cancellation

Enable Stereo Audio




And then *during your meeting* enable "Original Sound" (top-left) during your meeting.




Thanks.  We will give this a try this coming Sunday.


Hi, I saw how you assist another church with their audio problem. I have a question. Hopefully, you can help me on Sunday when we have live music and add to our church meeting the sound goes in and out. I currently have the Focusrite interface connected to my computer and then I have a connection to the musician board. But the sound goes in and out when the music is played. Now during the week at bible study (no music), I never have a problem. Do you have any suggestions?