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Showing a video to mtg including in-person and remote participants


We conduct meetings for both in-person (together in a conference room) and those participating remotely.  How do we show a video that is visible via a large screen to those in conference room and also visible to those connected remotely?  Our real problem is not with the video but with the audio.  the audio broadcast in the conf room creates significant feedback for those listening remotely.  anyone know how to set this up correctly?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

I might recommend the following...


  1. Your Zoom computer needs to be set up with 2 monitors.
  2. The 2nd monitor will actually be the large TV or LED projector.
  3. I would use the Share -> Advanced -> Video option for best performance results
  4. After you select your video file the Zoom Video Player will pop-up
  5. Drag that video player to the 2nd monitor, and make it full-screen
  6. Even though you're moving the Zoom Video Player it will not affect what people are seeing online. They will just see a large screen share. You can also manage the volume directly from the player.

As for the feedback, you should mute your Zoom mic while sharing the video, or you could enable "Echo Cancellation" in your audio settings to see if that will do the trick.







Jeff Widgren


Jeff Widgren | Host of Zoom Test Kitchen