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Sharing meeting link to a "registration required" meeting


We have Zoom Business and have set up a zoom meeting with required registration. However, we have a substantial number of Spanish speaking individuals who do not use email, so if they register for the zoom meeting, they will not be able to access the link that (usually) gets sent via email after registering. Is there a way to keep registration required but just prior to meeting start share a link to join the meeting? Or do we keep registration and just ask them to register when the meeting has started and click "join meeting in progress?"


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee


If registration is required, then everyone must register,  get their unique join link, and join via that unique link. If you provide the generic join link, users will be redirected back to the registration page before being able to join. 

Is there another way you can send them their unique link? You can have them register, access their approved registration, and send them their unique link manually, perhaps through a messenger app/service. 


Bort,  I think I have a very similar question.  I have a club with many elder members.  I have their contact information and I don't need them to register for a meeting.  I am very happy to have non-members attend and will post a "registration required" link on FB and our website so that they can join.  If I send the generic link to my members and have multiple devices enabled, will the members be able to join without registering?  My goal is to try to minimize hassle/confusion for the elder members while getting basic contact info for non-members.

Thanks in advance!

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @thunderbirl


Sorry for the delay in responding. I recently found out through the forum that is is possible, but had a hard time finding the post that mentioned this. Luckily I did find it and was able to test this to verify. 

Yes, meetings with registration can be bypassed, if you know the meeting ID/passcode or have the generic join link. I was able to schedule a meeting without registration, grab the generic link, then edit the meeting, require registration, and save. You can then send out the registration link for those that are non-members, while providing the generic, non-registration link to your non-members. 


@BUILDIAF I was unfortunately wrong about this when I initially answered your question, so hopefully this reaches you in time. My apologies for the mistake. 


Hope that helps and please make sure to mark the solution as accepted if this information is what you needed.

It seems that this no longer works. If you try to access the meeting using the invite link (instead of the registration link), either way, as long as the meeting has the "registration required", you're always redirected to the registration page. I may assume that at some point this was seen as a security issue and the development team might have defined this redirection.


The only way I was able to bypass the registration was to add the guest as an alternative host, but this is only for Pro users, and probably for users inside your organizarion as well.