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Shared audio cutting off everytime I speak


Hi all, when I am with a call with others, and they are sharing audio. Everytime i speak their audio cuts off and resumes once i stop speaking. How do i turn this setting off?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @Xeroz 

As RachelGomez123 said, it may have to do with the other party's microphone and speaker settings.

If the other party is using a mic speaker, the mic speaker may be the cause.

I had received report of the same phenomenon and have implemented the cause and remedy.
I solved the problem by lowering the speaker volume of the microphone speaker.


The causes of the audio cutoff include
The speaker volume is too loud and the microphone collects reflected sound from walls and ceilings. The microphone is temporarily and automatically muted to cut off reflected sound that is too loud to be beyond the normal control range.
The countermeasure could be taken by lowering the microphone volume, but the microphone speaker was of a type that interlocks the speaker volume with the microphone volume.

The voice communication at that time was a telephone , so it was clear that it was not a network problem.

Hey Ohkawa, the issue is definetely not that. Other person uses earpieces, has no issues when I share audio. However, when THEY share audio (i.e videos or music), it cuts off when I speak and returns when I stop. This is consistent with every person I converse with, not just them, hence I'm suspecting it is a setting/issue on my end

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Community Champion | Customer


Thanks for your reply.


Which do you use a mic-speaker or a headset?



If you are using a mic-speaker, I recommend that you check to see if the mic-speaker can handle two-way conversations simultaneously.

Usually headset. But I have tried with both. Also yes, i can still hear the other person while speaking, just not their shared audio

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Community Champion | Customer


That phenomenon almost certainly occurs with MS teams, but I have not experienced it with Zoom.

Unfortunately, I do not know any more about this.

I am sorry I cannot help you.