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Scheduling a meeting for quarter past or quarter to the hour (ie 10:15 or 10:45)


My account won't seem to let me schedule a meeting for times that are quarter past or quarter till the hour (like 10:15 or 10:45) but forces me to select the top of the hour or half past (10 or 10:30). Is there a setting to change this?


Community Champion

If you click on the time selection, it should allow you to enter the minutes manually. 


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Same happening here - I want to start at 11:15 and have just realised that after putting in many meeting they are auto correcting to 00 or 30 minute start times,. I am putting in minutes as I have done for a long while now.  

Clicking to enter manually does not solve the issue. It still defaults to on the half-hour or hour. I would like to enter the time manually but it won't let me.


Same here. When I type in for example 15.45, I get the error message 'Please enter a valid time in 24-hour'. I need a fix please!


I had  format that allowed 15 minute intervals but now that has gone. Does anyone one know how to reconnect to that site?