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Scheduled meetings disappearing completely from Zoom


I train users in a digital mapping system.  There are 8 separate topics, with each covered monthly with the following meetings:  two morning sessions, two evening sessions, two afternoon sessions.  To ensure that customers can always find a meeting that fits their schedule, the days of week and times of day vary for each topic.


I thus have 3 Zoom meetings set up per day, synchronised with my google calendar.


Recently, I noticed that a meeting had disappeared from my Zoom schedule, but was still visible in the google calendar.  To try to track down the issue, I completed a new session at irregular intervals for the next six weeks - 8 meetings altogether.  I synchronised them with my google calendar, and all 8 showed up there.


I went back to Zoom to check that all is well:  all 8 meetings had disappeared from the schedule, although they remain in the google calendar.  Nothing is showing in the Deleted meetings folder.  And two complete days - 22nd and 23rd August 2023, with their scheduled meetings (different from the new test one) - have disappeared as well.  All meetings are still showing in google calendar.  In theory, they should be restorable to Zoom, but in practice, none is.


When I google this topic, it seems that quite a number of other people have suffered similar events over the past two years - and there never seems to be any resolution to their issues from Zoom.


I am operating a Mac Mini M1, with MacOS Ventura 13.3.1, using Firefox browser.


Does anybody recognise this extraordinary behaviour, please, and have any fixes for it?


Thank you





I should perhaps have made clear that these are all upcoming meetings.........


I had about 10 Anytime meetings. After installing the new version only 3 remained in my "Meetings" list.

I can still use the the missing meetings, provided I still have a link to them. They are still visible in my calendar.

I can no longer create an Anytime meeting, which is a major inconvenience.

I can no longer modify the missing meetings, for example by changing the password.


I have a Macbook Pro M1  using Ventura 13.4.1 and I am struggling with this same issue. Under "Home"; "Join" ; "Join Meeting" selection: "Meeting ID or Personal Link Name" previous recurring meetings have disappeared. When I look on the Zoom site for previous meetings, none can be found. I've contacted Support but it would appear that my Zoom package doesn't entail me to live support only a bot (which is no help). So frustrating. Found some of my meetings on Calendar--copying the Meeting ID and link to a file for future use.


Hi i had the same issue now. i added my existing zoom meeting that i had created long ago to google calendar and suddenly all disappeared from zoom meeting tabs. Then i contacted zoom support but halfway through the agent left meeting.


however, she had found where the missing IDs were. One of my ID was initially scheduled on every Friday but once i've added it to google calendar, it glitches to every Wednesday in the zoom meeting tab. same for both desktop app and in browser.


BUT in google calendar it still reflects the original schedule which is on every Friday. And the rest of my recurring IDs were glitched to "No Fixed Time". And i went there and found them all there.


So, i believe the glitches happened only in Zoom setting but the google calendar adapted just fine. in this case i believe just search through your meeting since it may have glitches to other date or no fixed recurring at all. 


now i have to slowly amend all my glitched meetings. i hope Zoom can resolve this.


i assume this doesn't affect new meetings created, i hope. this happened to me to my existing meetings only when i wanted to add them to google calendar.

i am waiting for their follow up response to my issue via email. But i got it figured out somehow to where those missing meetings went.


hope this helps.




For me, the issue has been resolved by disconnecting the sync between the google Calendar, and Zoom.  Since the disconnect, all zoom events have performed normally, ie none has disappeared without trace.  It is a pain having to add the events to Calendar manually, but I am at least no longer losing events willy-nilly in Zoom itself.

Yes i agree,


If anyone wish to still use integration between zoom and google calendar then that is how it is for now.


Otherwise disconnecting it will solve the issue entirely. 


However, new created meeting should work just fine. Hopefully it stays as it is. I had manually amended all my 20 over existing meetings that i just added in google calendar😅.


Hope creating new ones in 2024 works just fine otherwise i may also resort to disconnecting them altogether.


Thanks for the thread at least we know now😊