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Samsung says can't use 32" Samsung monitor with camera for Zoom calls


Samsung tells me that Zoom does not support a connection from a 2019 MacBook Pro running Ventura to a Samsung 32" monitor model number LS32BM801UNXGO camera. I am using a usb-c connection from the MacBook to the middle usb-c connector on the monitor as Samsung tech support recommended. It can be deceiving but it is not using wifi. 


In Apple's settings-displays it shows the "Samsung 32" Display" but in Zoom's video settings it only shows  "FaceTime HD Camera" (which is the MacBook camera).


The desktop from the MacBook displays on the monitor. The camera works on the monitor if you use an app on the monitor. When I close the cover on the MacBook it does not switch to the monitor's camera.


I have tried 2 monitors. Samsung told me the first one had a bad usb port. Probably not so.


Any ideas?


Thank  you.....Jerry