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SOS: Webcam (wireless or wired) not showing up in Zoom menus for audio and video


    I use a very simple array of hardware to stream a weekly Zoom meeting. For over a year it performed reliably. It was something we could always count on. Over the last few months, it has become hit-and-miss if it will even work.

HARDWARE:  Logitech Mevo Start (3 built-in mics, HD lens); MacBook Pro, iPad (or iPhone)

    Could my connectivity issues center around the wi-fi network? It is WPA and listed as “weak.” Would WPA-2 make a difference?

    So basically, here is my workflow for a wired (USB-C) connection. The camera is connected to the MacBook and turned on. I then open the MacBook and login to our Zoom account and start the meeting. Next, I open the video and audio menus to select the Mevo Start. Problem is, the cam is not listed. What is the logical cause of that? In the wireless mode, I start the webcam then open the wireless webcam app (for Mevo) on the iPhone or iPad and select the cam there before going on to Zoom. Once again, the webcam is not listed in Zoom’s audio and video menus! The iPhone, Mevo Start and MacBook are all on the same wi-fi network.

    Until I can fix this anomaly, I just open the MacBook (or iPad) and turn the computer toward the meeting. The resulting recording is crap as you might guess.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!






Exactly same problem. Hard reset did no good.