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Room for Improvement?


I would love to see some new features including:


1) If a meeting has gone past its scheduled time but is still in progress - you don't know what that meeting is.  It would be great to see what meeting is currently in progress when past its scheduled ending.

2) It would also be helpful that if you are scheduling a Zoom, and another Zoom is scheduled for the same day and time, and you only have a single user license, that Zoom lets you know that something is already scheduled instead of double booking the Zoom.


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @stevenf0872 love the feedback here! If you don't mind sending this over to, I hope to see the implementation of your feedback soon! For (1), we do have the capability of status indication within zoom as well as calendar integration with google or other calendars to better schedule and manage meetings within your organization or for yourself. For (2), I am just as guilty for double booking and I do leverage our calendar integration to best keep track of the meetings that are scheduled throughout the day or have scheduled. You can also check your upcoming meetings in the Zoom client itself.


Zoom Community Moderator

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