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Remote Co-host Shared Video freezing


We hold regular meetings with the following configuration:

  • Windows PC as host
  • Monitor 1 as desktop 
  • Monitor 2 feeds 5 auditorium screens via HDMI-Coax interface
  • Wired ethernet to highspeed comcast internet
  • Auditorium camera focused on stage attached to Windows PC

We usually have around 60-80 remote connections per meeting.

Our in-house sharing works fine. Sometimes we'll have a remote presenter, and we'll add them as a co-host and pin to 2nd screen. If the remote shares a video, it freezes on our in-house monitors. 

Any ideas?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

A couple of questions:

  • How many attendees are there to this meeting who are on your local network?
  • Is this anybody screen sharing, or happens with just one particular person?
  • Check the statistics tab of your Zoom Settings window, the Screen Share stats. What resolution, what frame rate?
  • Are they sharing video, or something more static like PowerPoint? Are they checking the Promise for video and/or Computer Sound check boxes?

I don’t know much about monitors over HDMI coax, but if they’re not each on their own link, it sounds like a lot of bandwidth for 5 monitors. Try it with 1, then 2, etc to see if it’s better with fewer. I’m guessing that’s the real issue – but that’s a guess. 

Note that if your remote Screen Sharer is sharing a 4K monitor, you’re more than doubling the bandwidth to everything. 

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