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Refer to questions asked in registration process in confirmation mail


Hi, I am setting up a meeting with breakoutsessions for a client and ask for the session they want to join in in the registration questions. (I created 2 new questions asking for a workshop they want to join, with options selectable for the workshops/breakouts that are available)

Is there a way to refer to the selection they make in the confirmation email? 


f.e. You selected [Workshop 1] and [Workshop 4] as your Workshops


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @yungb329 ,

You need to mark the poll as a breakout room question, and it will allow you to put people in breakout room groups. It also controls numbers. Note that if 15 people ask for option one and you set the limit to 10 people in a group, you will have one group of 10 and one group of the remaining 5 in a second breakout room.

Set up a trial meeting to see how it works in practice.


The essential reply messages in Zoom can not be used with custom answers.

I use CRM and API software to create custom messages for meetings, but this is a lot of work and cost for fixing this issue.

I suggest you describe the breakout rooms available in your registration process and then use a poll question at the start of the meeting, which can then be used to create breakout rooms for the people attending.

See here for more information
Creating meeting breakout rooms from poll results - Zoom Support


If that solves the question, please mark this as the solution.

All the best