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Recordings features have changed, how to trim them?


Hey everyone! 


Logged in to retrieve the recording of my class this morning. Come to find a new look to the recordings page and now the trim feature is completely different. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to simply trim the beginning & end of my class away so I can share with my students. 


It used to be so easy! Click the scissors, slide the marker forward / back in 1 sec increments to set the new recording range. I understand the benefit of being able to clip somewhere in the middle where there might have been an oops, but all I really want (most of the time) is that trim the ends quickly feature. 


Help! (I've already searched the help platform to no avail, things haven't bee updated in the help centre for the latest update features). 



Some notes on the new changes to trim recording changes can be found here:


Some updated instructions can be found here:


If you want to give specific feedback, you can do that here:


Or if you have a particular roadblock, and if you have a Paid account, you can always contact Support here:


You can also check out some other Community discussions about Trimming here:


Hope this helps.



No it does not work.

The trimming does not update.

The old version worked perfectly, why was it changed?

So frustrating....


My students are waiting for their class recordings and I am unable to send out as I am unable to trim start and finish. It was so simple and quick before. What is Zoom playing at?

Please give us back the simple trim version asap so we

can get back to work! 


Agree!  Every once in awhile zoom changes something like this and it totally goofs me up!  (Even if it's for the better in the long run!). Feedback for Zoom?  Please, when you change something like this, simultaneously (or even prior to the change) send us an email with SIMPLE video and text instruction (cuz some folks do well learning from visuals, while others like to go at their own pace and read instructions).  Like the person above, I found that searching the help section wasn't really any help.  (The info might be there, but it's hard to access in a search.). Anyway, that's my two cents!  

Other than that, I totally LOVE zoom!  Thanks for what you do!



I have been trimming my sessions so easily for so long. I don't understand why changes have been made to how recordings are trimmed as the new method seems to be taking ages. Please can we have the easier option back?

I agree zoom is great overall!



I agree. NO PRECISE WAY TO GET TO THE SECOND YOU WAN. I HATE IT. but no one asked us, they just "IMPROVED" things.

there should be a video, etc on HOW TO.


were there THAT MANY PEOPLE complaining about the old method?