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Problem while Screen Sharing - flashing/flickering video (not 50/60 Hz related)


Hello all,

I have quite the annoying problem with "Screen Sharing".


Whenever I share my screen (which happens all the time, as I have to show my students Exercises/Pictures/Graphs etc.), my video (mind you, not the screen I'm sharing but the little window showing me) will randomly start flickering/flashing, growing in intensity, until my camera will simply switch off. I can then turn it on again, but the problem will remain.


This is NOT your typical "flickering because of lighting (i.e. 50/60Hz)" - the screen will actually "flash" white (sometimes green). I've tried all of the recommended trouble shooting  I could find (switching video rendering mode in zoom settings / upgrading any/all of the drivers / switching USB ports or cables etc.), but nothing solved the problem.


The camera I'm using is the Logitech Brio 4K (Stream Edition), I'm on Win 10, GPU/CPU should absolutely be able to handle this and the problem only occurs on Zoom and only during screen sharing...


Any other info you need?


Any ideas?


Thanks in advance!





l have the same situtaion like you before,but l use the logitech 930,l suggest you can download the logitech driver and it may help you.


Hey AaronGong,

thanks for the suggestion!

Unfortunately I've already tried this (after digging through Logitech subreddits, as apparently they don't offer the newest Brio driver on their website), but it didn't solve my problem.