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Pro meetings vs. Webinars /Events


Hi there!


We are trying to figure out if a Pro Meeting plan would work for the events we are planning, and can’t really figure out if we actually need to upgrade it to Webinar or not.

We simply need to be able to spotlight two of the people during the event, be able to mark a couple of people as hosts, who can control the spotlighting and recording, record the session, and share the link with the rest of the participants after the event. I understand this can be done with Pro Meetings, right? I know attendee limit is 100, and there’s a limit of 1GB storage on the cloud, but am I missing anything else essential for an online event?



Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@Lildvl Based on your description, it sounds like Meetings should be fine for your purpose. The main difference between the two is how interactive do you need your audience to be. In a webinar, only the panelists have video on and will be able to speak by default while any attendees will be unable to. Webinar has Q&A available as well to be managed while Meetings can only leverage the chat or audio for questions. 

I would also take a look at the below comparison chart to make sure meetings will work for you. 


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hi 'J-Zoom-Atl"
my understanding is also that in PRO MEETING, you can only record with spotlighted people only showing on recorded screen if this is set as a local recording instead of cloud recording. Is that correct?