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Post Meeting Attendee Reports


Is there a Report that would provide Meeting Attendees, with Attendee User Full Registered Name, Contact details (E-mail and or Phone)?


I noticed that our Report options for meetings located under:

ADMIN > Account Management > Reports > Meetings > Only offers the following options: Registration, Poll  and Survey.


We were advised to use the following report as a solution;


ADMIN > Dashboard > Meetings (Tab at the top of Page) > Past Meetings (Tab) > Enter Meeting ID  > Search


Is there a cleaner straight forward report available that provides the following in one combined report:

  • Attendee Full Name ( instead of user nick name, short name or such)
  • Time In Meeting with the Waiting Room Status /  Join / Start /Leave /  End Meeting Status combined in one instance instead of Multiple instances in the report.
  • Poll Results included with the Attendee Report


I am looking for the exact same thing.  Any success yet?

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @Luis_Ramos_UKG 

Unfortunately, there is no single report that has all that info combined. Poll results are only available in the poll report, while their name and time in meeting are available in the Usage/Active Hosts report. 

Hello Bort,


We need to track attendance and provide credit for time spent in the meeting that was NOT related to Waiting Room.  Can we use the Usage Report to tell us time spent in the Meeting , without counting the Waiting Room time or is there another report?  

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @angelc 

I just ran a test and it seems that the attendee report tracks both time spent in WR and the live session. Unfortunately, there are no other reports that would provide the info you are looking for, but there may be ways to conduct the meeting to make that report still work for you. 

One idea would be to schedule the meeting with Waiting Room enabled, so that you have time as the host to set up audio, video, and any shared content before admitting in participants from the waiting room, but when you're ready, you admit all from the WR at once and note the time. You can also disable the Waiting Room from the Security panel, so that no other participants are caught by the WR for the rest of that session. This would allow you to still use the data from the attendee report, as long as you filter out any participants from before the time you admitted all from the WR.

I certainly don't know if that's feasible for your situation, as your use of Waiting Room may be something you keep enabled during the entire session as a security measure. 

Hope that helps, but let me know if you have any other questions. 

Thank you very much for your work and support on this issue!  


I am unable to pull any report that displays the attendee names and/or email addresses.  I even required registration for the meeting, in the hopes that those names would display for attendees, as it does in Webinar.  But, no dice - the report still displays ***** in the name fields.  An attendee report that does not list attendee names is not useful for our purposes. 


We have a business account.  Any ideas? 

I'm stuck with this too....