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Pop Up Keyboard in Zoom Rooms


Hello Community,

We are using a Crestron C100-Z system, and when we present the onscreen keyboard (windows keyboard) keeps appearing over the top of our content.  We have tried to disable the "touch" feature on the Zoom admin settings, but it keeps popping up.  We are loathe to disable it in windows, as we would still need the keyboard to pop up on the console (control panel).

Has anyone experienced this or have an answer?

Thank you.




we also use crestron with zoom rooms installed over windows and have seen this in the last 2 days as well. according to my av lead no updates have been pushed in that time, so it's a little concerning. 


We noticed this today in our Zoom rooms as well, there is no keyboard icon or option on the Crestron panel to minimize it. Help?


Rebooted our Crestron Flex engines and that removed the keyboard on the in room display. 


I've got the same issue - every Wednesday a number of rooms show the Windows Touch Keyboard on screen. Doesn't happen in all rooms across our fleet. Reboot solves the problem temporarily until the next Wednesday.

We're also using Crestron Flex (B160, C160, B30, C100)

Has anyone been able to solve this completely?


For ATAustralia or any others on this thread experiencing this issue, please drop me a PM with your details.

Seems I can't send or receive direct messages yet as I'm new to the Zoom Community...


Is there a knowledge base article you can direct me to?

Seems I can't DM you.  What's the best way to get in contact please?  Very keen to get this resolved as it's very frustrating for our client and in a high visibility space.


We are using Crestron equipment as well, and every WEDS, we have the same issue. Keyboard over the bottom half of our monitors. Rebooting solves the problem, but is a pain. Any resolutions???

Did you try the method I posted?

"log into Windows and run “services”.

find the “Touch keyboard…” service and right click to go into “properties”

disable or change the settings to “manual”. I disabled it.

then go to the third tab and select “Do nothing” for the first and second failure.


close this and restart UC- engine."



Jason - not sure how to ping you, but do you a solution to resolve the keyboard pop-up?  Does anyone?  This is occurring a regular basis.


Hi Jason,

Can you share your email?  I am having trouble with same issue and reboot is only way to alleviate. 




Just had that recently and found a workaround.


log into Windows and run “services”.

find the “Touch keyboard…” service and right click to go into “properties”

disable or change the settings to “manual”. I disabled it.

then go to the third tab and select “Do nothing” for the first and second failure.


close this and restart UC- engine.


the keyboard will not display anymore… 


note: I haven’t tested it over the next Wednesday to confirm if it will never gets activated again but on the spot, it doesn’t show anymore.


hope this helps.

We are continuously having this issue. Where should I log into windows?  Is this somethin I can do on the Crestron device or on the Zoom admin portal? Thank you! 

Hi Clowe,

It would be the Windows PC where the Zoom is hosted. As for me, A Crestron Flex (UC-Engine). You need to go into its Windows desktop mode (Exiting Zoom app), to access to the running services. Good luck.

Hi, May I know if it works after you have monitored? 

Is there any negative impact ?


Thank you


Thank you, I will try this! 


We've updated our Crestron Flex-based Zoom Room PCs to ZR v5.10.6 and so far haven't seen any further keyboard pop-ups.  Keen to see if this update has given others the same result!

This is helpful thanks all. 

Does the Zoom app also controls Windows Services in this case? If not, the version update may not really work. 


I have recently a client who've just experienced that. Updating Zoom version and Zoom app to the latest version seems to have fixed that so I think it's the Zoom software that triggers the On-Screen keyboard... In the previous version, updating any part of Crestron Flex doesn't help and the workaround then was to tweak the Windows services. I think you don't have to now.

This did not work for us.

Do you mean the Zoom update or the Windows services settings?

Apologies for not being clear. The zoom update did not solve the issue for us.

Did you try the Windows Services workaround? Does that work?

I did try disabling the service and that worked at first but it seems to have re enabled somehow.

Did you go to to the other tabs to prevent it from restarting the service?


"find the “Touch keyboard…” service and right click to go into “properties”

disable or change the settings to “manual”. I disabled it.

then go to the third tab and select “Do nothing” for the first and second failure."

I'll check the third tab. I did not take this step. Thanks for the feedback.  I'll post results tomorrow.


This update didn't work for us, a keyboard appeared on one of our Zoom Rooms this morning that was updated to 5.11.0


Will need to do put a keyboard on the UC and see if shutting it down that way works.



I believe if you have updated the version from your Account administrator end as well the Zoom app from the touch panel's web interface and it still doesn't work for you, the only other way is to stop the service from the UC's Windows. 


Was there any definite resolution on this ? (apart from disabling it in Win  background)

I am more than curious as well. Seems like many customers face this issue, including us. At our company, the problem pops up every three weeks on Wednesday morning. This Wednesday, Aug 23rd it happened as well. This needs to be fixed!


Hi, as stated earlier in the thread, you'll need to put a keyboard/mouse on the UC Engine. Click the gear icon that pops up in the lower right hand portion of the screen and select "Windows Settings" (I think it reads). It will boot you to Windows. Login as Admin, hopefully you have the admin password. Once Windows loads, click Start and type Services. Scroll to the service named "Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel  Service". Open it and DISABLE it. Also click the Recovery Tab. And in the first two "Failures" change to "Take no action"  Now Reboot and it "should" not ever pop up again.


Thank you for the answer, much appreciated. Would you not consider this a workaround rather than a true fix? Also, will this not disable the keyboard on the controller as well?

I have never said it is a fix. From my very first reply to this post dated 2022-06-01, I said I found a workaround. It's one thing you could do when all other normal ways fails.


I am sure others are still having this issue, even with the workaround. Crestron's latest firmware (09/28/2022) addressed this issue. 

  • Update to mitigate OSK pop-up in Zoom.


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