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Phishing attempt email! "Secure your Zoom account"


Just wanted to notify the Zoom community of an email I received, prompting me to download a "security app" to continue using Zoom


The email is fairly cleverly designed with Zoom header / logo / colours


From: Zoom Info Technical Support Team

Subject: Secure your Zoom account: Install our newest security and safety app


Dear Customer,
Here in Zoom Team are consistently enhancing and refining our network to make sure a improved and more protected environment. Based on our security measures and the particular requirements of your Zoom user account, we now urge that you download and install our most recent security and safety app. This basic yet important application will help us maximizing the protection of your user account and our computer system overall.
[button] Download Safety App

Be advised that your account will remain inactive until you complete the safety measures mentioned above. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

-The Zoom Squad


The link takes you to a site that is also branded with Zoom logo and colours, with an EXE download (ZoomInstaller.exe or something like that)


Almost had me fooled so I'm assuming anyone else who may not know how to check the "from email" (*********** disguised as Zoom Technical Support), or "reply-to email" (*********** again disguised as Zoom Technical Support), or be looking very closely may accidentally download and run this!