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Paused screen-sharing for background full-screen Google Slides presentation


My goal is to be able to (1) present from Google Slides, (2) while seeing the presenter notes, (3) while the audience sees the full-screen presentation, and (4) all from a single display. This seems impossible with Zoom which is ridiculous. 


Here's my process for testing this:


1. Start Zoom and create test meeting.

2. Open my Google Slides presentation in Chrome.

3. Invoke presentation mode with presenter notes. Presenter notes open in a second window.

4. I need to full-screen the presentation again because presenter notes in Google Slides minimises the window slightly.

5. I tell Zoom to share the full-screen presentation.

6. I put the full-screen presentation in the background (not displayed on my single physical display).

7. I pull up my presenter notes, only to find the Zoom pauses my screen-sharing because the presentation is in the background, even though I've clearly selected that window in sharing options.


There seems to be no solution to this using Google Slides, unfortunately, but I'm hoping someone has worked out what the trick is.


This works perfectly well on using PowerPoint which I could use but I shouldn't need to have PowerPoint to achieve this very simple outcome.


There are some horrible workarounds, like side-by-side windows on my single display but the audience sees the browser and the presentation is not entirely full-screen (ugly and unprofessional). I am not interested in workarounds. 


Fingers crossed.



This doesn't just happen when it's in the background. It happens any time I go into slideshow mode in Slides while in Zoom. Very frustrating, and yes, a disaster when it happens the first time during a presentation... To make matters worse, it froze my entire browser, so sharing did not work and was disabled completely, and I could not even send someone a link to have them share... It legit took nearly 10 minutes for it to "unfreeze." I deleted and re-downloaded Zoom (for silicone Macs) and it fixed the freezing part, but the "pausing screen share" is still an issue. 

Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @floatyboat @PublishOrlando welcome to the community! I was able to follow along this Youtube Video on "How to Share Google Slides in Zoom with 1 Monitor (Presenter View)", was able to replicate successfully. 


Sharing Screen, I shared the tab that has the presenter mode full screen for participants POV. On the left, I pulled up the notes and slides to toggle forward and backwards. 

Screenshot 2024-02-21 at 9.49.42 AM.png


From a POV for participants, they will see your slides without the shared notes. Hope this helps! 



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