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Participants losing connection when moving to breakout rooms


I am hosting meetings with 150+ participants, and frequently use breakout rooms. I've noticed some people lose connection every time I open rooms, and it is really interfering with the quality of their experience. We do a lot of rapid breakouts where they'll only be in the room for 3-5 minutes, come back to the main room, and be sent back to a breakout with new people within another few minutes, so I have participants missing out on entire chunks of our program. 


Any ideas for how I can support them?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @aligreenman - I've heard a number of issues regarding breakout rooms in the last week or so.


One question: Is this a "long meeting" where the issues come after the meeting has been active for hours, perhaps?  This is the one thing I've heard as a common thread among some of the recent issues.


Secondly... I highly recommend posting the details of your situation to Zoom Support.  Here in the Zoom Community, we're mostly volunteers with no access to any "back-end" details for troubleshooting, whereas they have access to, well, everything.  Here's where you can create a Zoom Support Request: 


Please come back here and post more info once you hear something from the Zoom Support staff.  It could be useful information for others experiencing similar issues.

Ray - / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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