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Participants joining auto maximise shared content in dual monitor mode


So we have 2 video cards and the second card displays content on a secondary screens using an HDMI replicator.

We also want these secondary screens to show the speaker view - on demand.

So we run Zoom in dual screen mode, move the Zoom speaker view onto the second monitor and then minimise it.

We can then maximise it on demand via the taskbar and it displays just fine.

However this window auto maximizes when someone joins the waiting room, and when someone is let in from the waiting room, and this is auto displayed on the internal monitors, which is not at all helpful.


Looking to see how we prevent this maximising of the Zoom window when someone is joining either the waiting room or the meeting room please. We need to have full controlóver this second window.


Thanks in advance.



When using the 2 monitors option it is possible to highlight only 2 users on the second monitor. Whenever I try it only lets me put one. If this is not possible, it is possible to put the speaker or the person speaking to alternate between the person speaking, on the 2nd monitor?  I hope you can help me.