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Participant has no sound if I Zoom them. They have to Zoom me.


This is a SURF onn. Gen 2 Android tablet from Walmart he's using. I had this issue with another student, as well. We never figured it out. If they call me, they can hear me. Anyone have any suggestions, other than getting a 'real' tablet? Thanks.



Hi, sound similar to my issue - however, I'm on Mac computers - with M1 chips - so I guess it has nothing do to that you are using tablets - there seems to be something in the software that prevents sound from going from the host to participants!! I have struggled with the issue for more than a week!!!!! Lastly, I have uninstalled the anti-virus and made sure for special permissions in the Firewall. Nothing seems to help. I hope that Zoom someday will try to fix this. For the moment, the best advice I have received is to "Check connection to the earplug."