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Participant does not have option to pin others


Hi.  We have a participant who I will call David who attends our online classes via Zoom.  He does not hear well and when we have QnA and another student is asking a question or sharing a story, David would like to be see that person better.  I record all my classes and QnA sessions to our zoom cloud and then make them available for students to view on my website.  Students don't want to be visible in the video so I keep myself spotlighted.  So I recommended that David use the pin feature to make someone else larger on his screen, but he doesn't have that option in the menu on anyone else's video tile.  I Facetimed with him and he showed me what he sees on his screen (we had a third person and, indeed, the option to pin someone else is not there.  He has updated to the latest version of Zoom and that didn't make any difference.  

Any ideas of a setting that he or I could change that would enable him to pin someone?  

If I recorded to my computer instead of to the cloud, would there be a setting that would record video of host only/me even if I don't spotlight myself? I could switch to recording locally if that would solve the issue for David.