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Order of participant names in Zoom meetings


Hello everyone. I teach online English courses in Costa Rica from my home in Atlanta, GA. Though I share my screen to display presentations to our classes, I do not allow participants to use video. I am wondering if I can change the default order of participant names to an all-alphabetical order. It is very difficult to traverse the participants one after another with a series of questions if the order of names is constantly changing due to participants muting/unmuting their microphones. I have searched and searched for what I believe to be a simple solution but I have found no way to accomplish this. Can anyone help me to understand how I can display participant names in a fixed alphabetical order? I appreciate any help at all! Thank you!


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @XJMStudio,


I don't believe there is currently a way to modify or control the order of names in the Participant's list.  If you haven't seen this "Order of participants listed in a Zoom meeting" section of the "Managing Participants" support article, it might help you a little:


My suggestion would be to create a Feature Request to "Allow the Host's view of Panelists be re-ordered to 'alphabetically' so that teachers and other meeting hosts can more easily monitor attendance and ask questions of individuals"... something like that.


Feature Request entry :


Unfortunately, once you put in a feature request, it goes into a Zoom review queue and may take some time to be implemented... if at all.  But I think your suggestion would be helpful in a lot of use cases.

Ray - / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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