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One on one meeting cut off at 40 minutes


The last two Zoom meetings I have had one-on-one have been cut off at 40 minutes.  I thought that the 40 minute limit is only for meetings of 3 or more participants.  Please help.



Hi, I'm having the same problem suddenly. Was this ever resolved for you?

Hi!  Yes, it turns out that for me the two times it happened we had internet problems and so I had to sign out and then sign back in - Zoom recognized that as 3 different people in the meeting instead of just me twice...some how the sign out was never complete.  Anyway, as long as one of the two attendants don't lose internet and then have to sign back in it has been working just fine for me.  I do hope this helps you too!

Thanks so much for this answer. I tried logging out and back in to my account which seems to have solved the problem, so I must have unwittingly gotten into a similar situation to you. Good to know for the future, too! Happy Zooming.

Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hello to everyone arriving at this post! 


On July 15, 2022, Zoom changed the meeting duration limit for 1:1 meetings hosted by Basic (free) users on paid accounts to 40 minutes.  This change was implemented for Basic users on Free and Free (Credit Card Verified) account on May 2, 2022. I hope this helps to clarify the 40 min limit. 


You can read more about this here: Basic user meeting duration changes


Zoom Community Team

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