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Non-"Event" calendar Meetings not appearing under Upcoming meetings (Despite maximum effort)



So I see I am not the first one to report this issue:


...Yet, only the first link actually received a helpful reply. What's going on... why is this issue getting so little response?


Regardless - I know what the problem is - I just need Zoom team to address it, because it's been wasting my time for far too long:

Zoom is only looking at one single Calendar from my Gmail account to determine Upcoming Meetings. My "Events" Calendar. Nothing else.


I'm quite frustrated at this point - every time I want to launch a meeting that's not on this one calendar, I MUST open a browser in order to open it.


I have tried a LOT to try to fix this:

- I sign into Zoom WITH my Google Account.

-  My Google Account's Gmail is literally where I RECEIVE Zoom invites... yet they do not automatically appear as pending invites in Upcoming at this point.

- I explicitly set FULL Read & Write permissions under "Calendars And Contact Integration" for the Google Account I am already signing in with on both Zoom AND on Google Calendar, so the two can each other... which gives me all events on ONE calendar that I was not given an option to specify.

- It also shows ALL upcoming content from that one calendar, Zoom meeting or not, no choice given.

- I have added Google Calendar Notifications from Zoom's App Marketplace and tried to give it explicit permission here to the ONE calendar I want it to use. No dice. Does not show up in Upcoming Meetings.


How much more of my privacy must I sign away to Zoom and Google just so I can receive upcoming Zoom meetings IN my Upcoming Meetings tab?