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No photo when camera is off.


Can someone please tell me why my profile photo is only visible sometimes when I turn off my camera during a zoom meeting? 

I have set it and reset it and it only pops up sometimes when I turn the camera off. 



Hi @MariaYW 


Meeting Hosts are able to disable the display of Profile pictures in their meetings. Unless you are seeing other participants with a profile photo in the same meeting, where yours is not displayed, these meetings are probably where the Host has disabled the feature. 


Hope this helps clarify.





I know it's not the host because the hosts and other participants all have photos displayed. (These are my online classes) I have had to go back into my settings and remove my profile photo and put it back in again in order to see it, but the moment the session is over, The photo doesn't show and sometimes no matter how many times I reset it, it won't come back on.  

I have this same issue and it's driving me crazy.  My profile picture shows up in some meetings and not in others.  I can't figure it out.