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No Call Me Option


I only have the option for Zoom to Call Me sporadically - seems like only on calls that I do not initiate.  I have checked all of the settings and have searched this forum.  I can find nothing that references to this issue.  Any ideas?  It takes forever for me to use the dial-in.  Thanks!


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

The Call Me option is dependent on the host of the meeting having the audio conferencing add-on, which allows for the extra charged related to dialing out to your phone. If the host of the meeting does not have that add-on or does not have the Call Me option enabled, you will not see that option. 

Thank you, Bort.  Since I do not have the Call Me option come up only when I am the meeting host (I do have the option when meetings are scheduled by others in my organization), what do you suggest?  I do not have the Call Me option showing at all to enable under Settings.  I looked there first when I saw that suggestion come up in the Zoom troubleshooting library.  Thanks!

Going off the information Bort provided your user account does not possess the audio-conferencing add-on that is needed for this functionality. You will need to contact your account admin and request access to the additional service.

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Thanks, Chris!  I will try that.

None of the meeting invites I send, or the invites from other coworkers in my company, have the "Call Me" as an option when we join the meeting.

Our company has a Pro plan (or higher) and the "Call Me and Invite by Phone" option is enabled (but grayed out) in the "Settings > Audio Conferencing" section (it can only be changed by the admin). 

When I look at my "Meetings > Personal Room", the audio is set to "Telephone and Computer Audio" with no option for "Call Me".

I checked the "Account Profile" and there are things that may be a red-flag, but I'm not an expert:

Account Type: Business (Named Host)

Account Name: <Employee_of_Company>   <-- it's not my name

Account Alias: <blank>

Your Role: Member

Account Owner: <IT_Manager>  <-- The person that runs our Help Desk

So, I don't know if these details help or not.


Does the "Member" role need changes to enable it to use "Call Me"?