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No Automatic Recording?


Zoom meetings no longer automatically record for me, and I never remember to record manually/ don't want to start in the middle of meetings because it appears unprofessional.


Has this happened to anyone else? Nothing will resolve it and there's no info anywhere online to help.


I've tried local and cloud

Deleted my entire cloud library

Turned it off and on

Signed out and in

Uninstalled & reinstalled zoom

Tried through browser and the program

Tried by making meetings through Calendly and just starting new meetings


Nothing will turn it back on! Its a great feature but it just won't work! Anyone have any new suggestions?






Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi cflibbs,


this support article may help.

Enabling automatic recording – Zoom Support


thanks,  eliot

Read the article, did what it said, and unfortunately that didn't fix the problem either. Thanks for the reply though


Yes, I noticed -  unfortunately when trying to conduct a LIVE meeting!


All you have to do is hit RECORD and hit the three ellipses dots and select RECORD SOUND.


The BIGGER STORY is how now, after January 1, 2023 I can no longer RECORD meetings. WTF Zoom?!