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No Audio on Screen Share

I use my Chromebook to Zoom (PWA) with a couple for my Bible Study class. Here's the setup: USBC to HDMI for the TV, external camera with a mic (CODI) for the Zoom, and an external CD/DVD player for the video.
Up until 3 weeks ago, the Zoom couple could see video and hear audio when I shared screen. Now, they can only see video (I tried Zooming with someone else, and they could only see the video as well). The class in the room with me can see and hear on the TV that I have hooked up to the HDMI. I have looked at every setting imaginable, uninstalled and reinstalled Zoom, and... NOTHING. I'm starting to question my sanity over here.
It works fine with full Zoom on my work computer, which is a Microsoft Surface.
Can someone please help me out?