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New to Zoom Pro



I have already scheduled a zoom meeting under my free Zoom but have now upgraded to Pro.  Do I need to create a new link to send out or will the one I created under my free account automatically revert to Zoom Pro? 

Many thanks 



I have the same question as I have the same scenario. 😉

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@Jacky_R  and @SandyWy 

There should be no problem for a meeting you've already scheduled and sent out links for after you upgrade your account. Just be sure that the licenses (Pro license and Large meeting add-on) are assigned to the host of that meeting before you start the meeting. 

In general, Zoom checks the license of the meeting host when the meeting is started, not when it's scheduled. Thus, if it was scheduled as a Basic account, but started as a Pro account, Zoom will allow access to all Pro features. Same thing for the add-on. If you start the meeting as a standard Pro user, you can have up to 100 participants, but if you start the meeting with a Large meeting add-on assigned to you, your attendance capacity will go up to the max associated with that add-on. 


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