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New "Unmute" and "Mute" announcement


Does anyone have any idea as to why starting this week Zoom is telling you (in a very loud voice) that you are "muted" "unmuted"? I can't find a way to stop it from telling me. 


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @eradhakrishnan, interesting, I am unaware of that feature. Do you have screen-reading software that may be outputting that to you? I haven't tested this, that's why I'm interested! 🤔


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Can that message (the audio of it) be customized?  We have a noticeable percentage of folks connecting by telephone only, and when they hear "You are muted, you can unmute by pressing *6..." or similar, a few think this is an invitation to unmute.  it's getting worse recently, we had to mute one person 12 times during one church service.

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Unfortunately, the audio messages participants hear when they've connected their audio by dial-in is not customizable, as it is generic audio for all customers that call in. 


I also have a problem and feel disturbed by the zoom pop-up box which saying You are muted


the window keeps coming each time I close it. This is honestly disturbing while we're in a zoom meeting because it keeps popping out and we have to close the window multiple times while telling me that I was muted when I am mute myself. I realize this happens after I do some updates on the zoom apps. Please help me figure this out, thank you.


I think it is your microphone (headphone), change it to use your system or any other microphone source you have on zoom app.


any way to turn off those announcements ? "you are muted" , "you are unmuted" . these are disturbing.