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New Registration flow - Losing ability to turn OFF Confirmation email


Does anyone else out there use Zoom's registration feature simply to capture email addresses? 

I've confirmed with Zoom support that we will no longer be able to turn off the confirmation email, so if you use registration to simply capture email addresses and you don't need those email addresses authenticated, you will be losing functionality and your entire flow with your attendees is impacted.


Has anyone figured out a way around this?  Competitor products require email to be entered when joining, but Zoom does not have this capability.

I have not found any option on Zoom that is seamless to the users (we cannot require Zoom accounts and do not want Zoom emails going to attendees)

Please let me know if anyone has found a way.  





Just spent quite a bit of time on chat with support to be told if the New Registration Flow is enabled, the capability is lost. Did you actually turn this on or was it turned on for all Premier users by default? What an awful design. 


We have not turned it on, but it will be turned on by default on all accounts starting July 1, 2022.   We received an email to our admins/account owner in April.  I have not found this announcement on any release note pages.  Please use all avenues to express your dislike with this change.    And please update if you find any work around.


Thank you!