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New Realtek Audio Driver Does Not Work after Update on ASUS Vivobook Pro Windows 11 (SOLVED)


Dear All,
I just updated Windows 11 Pro on my ASUS Vivobook Pro to the latest updadte and found that the speaker stop working, no sound coming out, just a very short period then stop no sound. But when I tested the microphone on Audio Setting, it work normally and the speaker also produce sound from my microphone. Only Test Speaker does not  work, so can not hear anything from other members on the meeting.

Temporary Solution:
I downgraded Realtek High Definition Audio driver from the latest version, from version 6.0.9357.1 (24/05/2022) to  6.0.9231.1 (31/08/2021)  and the speaker produce the sound again.

I am not sure it is the new latest Zoom update that needs to be patched or my ASUS Vivobook Pro that needs to be patched. Zoom Technical Team please help to investigate this  issue so we can use the latest audio driver from Realtek.  Thanks and hope this helps.



Well, most probably you should check if there are any updates for windows accordingly the new drivers will get install and your sound should start work again.