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My profile photo keeps changing on its own!


I have a paid Zoom account, which I use between/across various devices (iPhone, iPad, Windows 10 PC, etc.).

Lately, whether I host a meeting or attend via invitation to another host’s meeting, it seems the profile photo I previously set in Zoom Profile Settings keeps changing, without my having done so.

I think this is because I always log into Zoom using my Google Account as it’s faster than other methods, so Zoom uses my Google account profile photo. This is my preferred login method.

Can there be an improvement made to Zoom Profile Settings, perhaps with a checkbox option (e.g., “Keep this photo as default? Y/N), to keep any particular photo I choose in Settings to be the default, regardless of which method of login I use?



Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi drummerkk100,


please see the support article below.  article explains what zoom profile picture it uses and when.

Troubleshooting profile picture issues – Zoom Support


you can submit a feature request for enhancements to zoom profile settings at

 Feedback - Zoom


thanks,  eliot