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My Fitness class and clients were able to hear me and not the music


For 3 years I have been teaching fitness classes and doing one-on-one fitness sessions with clients...I always have music, my clients could only hear me and no music...I also have also played videos for class they cannot hear them either ...did something change. Thank you Terrie



Hello Terrie, did you find any solutions? I had the same problem yesterday 2023-03-22 for the first time during 3 years as well on my dance class. I've tried/checked all settings, deleted and dowloaded up to date zoom app, downloaded up to date iOS on my Mac (Catalina 15.10.7). Nothing helps! Before yesterday's class I had a zoom update and I think this problem connects to that update. If you have any suggestions, please share it!


The same thing is happening to me with my dance classes.  Zoom must be blocking it, but I have annual license with ASCAP so I don't know why they're doing this all of a sudden 


I am experiencing the same issue with Hybrid fitness classes using a dual mic system.  We've used the same setup for about a year. Voice is very clear, music is suddenly completely missing, or very spotty and garbled for those at home! I tried different options in the audio settings but can't seem to get it to work as before.