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Muted Waiting Room Video


Let me ask: in Settings , Waiting Room, Customize Waiting Room; the video I added has a mute/unmute button on it. When I unmute and save the settings, I go back in to find it muted.  Can I keep my video unmuted so participants can hear the audio of the video playing when they enter the Waiting Room?  Thx much.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

In short, a video in the Waiting Room can contain audio, but are muted by default. This is not a behavior that can be changed.


Here is a link to the official documentation.


You'll find the details specific to your post all the way at the bottom.


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Jeff Widgren | Host of Zoom Test Kitchen


Will this ever change?  Y'all are so close to a good solution on the waiting room but having it default muted really doesn't help if the participants don't know to unmute.