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Music not recognised by mic in a zoom call


I've a situation where in a zoom call my mic picks up voice audio but the moment I play any music the other participants can't hear it. I can speak during that call and my voice is audible to the other participants but not the music I'm playing in the background. I usually play the music on my phone and keep it next to the laptop mic rather than share the audio in a conventional way using 'share' option.

Have tinkered with all the settings in Zoom audio video and also my HP laptop sound settings but to no avail.

Can anyone help me solve this mystery... thanks




I’ve logged a ticket with zoom as I believe this is an issue since the upgrade. It maybe worth doing the same so they take it a bit more serious.

How do you log a ticket because I’d like to get this remedied also?  Thank you!

I've logged a ticket with no response. When you read the Zoom community the audio compression for music is now an issue with almost everyone. I taught Zoom voice lessons from CO to CA and Washington DC through December with no issues. I've bought an expensive external microphone, hooked my computer to ethernet and still am having problems. Google Meet works fine!


Sorry to hear that. I’ve been using an earlier version of Zoom and it works but I’m hoping that Zoom remedies this problem soon. Our professions depend on it!


Me too!  My exact issue.  I play the music on my phone.  There has not been a problem with this for the almost three years I have been using Zoom for my fitness classes.



My suggestion is to remove Zoom and go to the prior version. It worked for me. I’m thinking something may have happened when Zoom recently updated. I hope that works for you!


Tonight my Zoom (music) audio worked for the first time since December. I hardwired my computer and turned off WiFi. No distortion on either the Original Sound for musicians OR Zoom optimized audio, which surprised me. It now sounds better than Google Meet.

Interesting!  I also saw that Zoom had a recent update. I wonder if that had anything to do with it too