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Music not coming through during zoom meeting


Hi, I"m a classical music teacher and my students do remote exams with the Royal Conservatory of Music. 

Today, we had an experience we've not had before with Zoom. 

My student and I opened the meeting, which is how the Royal Conservatory does remote exams, and although the judge could hear us speaking, she could not hear the piano or the voice. 

We went to the audio controls, but none of the suggestions the judge had to solve the problem worked. 


I would be so grateful to anyone who could help! We have rescheduled the exam for a week from now. 


Again, we can hear each other speaking, but music is not coming through. 

Many thanks!




Please share the specifics of your setup. 
1) Mac or PC? Which operating system version?

2) What is your audio setup? For example, built-in mic, webcam mic, or dedicated mic (USB or audio interface)?

3) Did you recently update your software? 

Also, did you try rebooting?  Unsurprisingly  this fixes a lot of computer issues.


Hi Dbshin,


I'm on a pc, windows 11, using whatever mic automatically goes with zoom? I didn't specify anything special. 

I have a brand new HP Spectre and added zoom to it yesterday. 

Rebooting didn't help. 

Thanks so much. 

Follow-up questions:


Is the issue only with your brand new laptop, or was it working with Zoom installed and suddenly did not work? 


You are not using a separate microphone and only using your laptop as is for your Zoom call, correct?


This may be relevant to you (HP Spectre). Please take a look at the posted solutions.

Thank you! I think this may indeed be the solution. I will try it out and report back. 

Have a great weekend 🙂