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Missing report of participants


I am trying to pull a report for a recent meeting that was hosted this month to see a list of participants. When I go to Reports>Usagage> Meeting and enter the date range it shows no data even thought I have hosted 10+ meetings this month. When I look at the daily breakdown I can see the meetings, minutes, participant numbers but no way to expand and see the names of people who logged in. I need to provide a list of participants to the person who commissioned the meeting but I cannot generate that report as it is showing 'no data'. Does it matter is a participant accesses the meeting with direct link and is not a 'registration required' meeting? I should be able to see at least the display names of each person who logged into the meeting. Help please! 



I am having this same issue. Is there any resolution?

I was able to chat and get an answer, I was looking in the wrong place. 


Go to Admin> Reports> Active users> set the month parameter then click on the link under participants.