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Microphone no longer detected in the middle of meetings and video freezes


I have a recurring issue when using Zoom on my desktop computer:

- it works fine for a while, but suddenly my video freezes;

- when that happens, I can still hear and see the other participants, but they see me frozen and can't hear me anymore;

- and it says that Zoom cannot detect my microphone anymore. 


I have to leave the meeting and rejoin in order to "unfreeze". It is very annoying, it can happen 4-5 times during a 1h meeting! I don't have this issue on other platforms, and I had my mic checked, apparently the problem comes from the app.

I updated the app but it is still happening. I also tried several different headsets (Bluetooth and cable), and still the problem remains. Help!



Hi @ElsaLigaya 


Are you using a Windows PC, or an Apple computer - desktop or laptop?


When the problem occurs - is leaving and re-joining the meeting the only thing you have to do in order to get back operational - or do you also have to reconnect/switch microphones/headsets?


When you try a wired headset, is it a USB-wired headset - and do you DISCONNECT your Bluetooth headset while trying wired?






Hi Rupert,


Thanks for your quick answer.

The problem occurs on my Windows DESKTOP PC, but never on my Windows laptop PC.

The first times it worked to just unplug and replug my headphones (that would cause the video to unfreeze and the sound would re-work). But since several months that doesn't work anymore, and I have to leave the meeting (and I also unplug/replug the headphones), then join the meeting again.


I use jack plug headsets, sometimes Bluetooth, but never USB-wired headsets. And yes, I do disconnect the Bluetooth headphones when using the wired ones.

I tried switching headphones (I tried 1 Bluetooth and 3 different jack-wired headphones) but I still have the same problem.

Reminder: When the video freezes and the mic is not detected, I can still hear and see the other participants, but my video is frozen and they cannot hear me.


Many thanks for your assistance,




I've been trying to figure this out as well.  I am using the built-in mic and speakers on my Dell laptop.  It works fine for a while, and then at some point Zoom tells me "microphone not detected".  I can still hear audio and video for a while and then Zoom completely freezes and crashes.  If anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear it...



I also have this problem.  My video continues to work with no issues, but at some point in the middle of the meeting, my microphone will stop working.  I know it is not my camera/microphone, because I've used 4 different ones and the problem keeps occurring.  


I am also having this issue when using Zoom on my Dell laptop, using the integrated microphone and video.  It is most frustrating.  Anyone have a solution yet?


I've found no real solution yet, although it hasn't happened to me in a while.  My IT department updated the Zoom plugin for Outlook, which is how I usually connect to meetings, so I'm hoping that did the trick.