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Microphone Continuously Disconnecting throughout Meetings


I am having an issue with zoom where my microphone keeps disconnecting constantly throughout meetings and calls. I have to "switch" my microphone between default option and the mic itself after it disconnects to get it to work again. The default mic and the mic I pick on the list are the same mic.

Zoom is the only talk/VoIP app that does this. My microphone works perfectly on Discord and in various game VoIPs. It is a very frustrating problem as I use zoom quite a bit and have done EVERY "fix" I could find both on the forums and in the tech support files and nothing is working. The error that pops up over my mic is "your microphone is not working. Please check your connection" (paraphrased). When I test my mic pre-meeting, it's showing as working, it is only while actively in meetings that it repeatedly disconnects.

Windows 10: All drivers including audio are up-to date. Zoom is also running on the most recent version.

Does anyone have any leads on how to fix this? It's driving me insane.